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Lick My Art

L i c k  M y  A r t  

A passion for filmmaking 

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‘Lick My Art’ is a film production company, built upon a community of experienced freelance TV professionals, all based in France. We have combined our relevant  skills, equipment and networks, because we believe the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts.


We write, produce and direct films in a variety of formats for  TV in France and Germany.  We also create corporate films for companies, and private or public institutions.

From short news formats, corporate films, social-media content, TV magazines and feature-film length documentaries to live broadcastings via Zoom,: we have the skills and technical equipment to deliver high quality content.


Moreover, our teams speak fluent French, German, English and Italian.


Making films is our passion, and we do this by telling stories using the highest creative and technical standards. 


We believe in teamwork, combining our creative talents and expertise. We advocate a rather classic model in filmmaking where each person is specialised in their field.  We take the view that it is rare for a single person to have the talent and expertise to work on each stage of the filmmaking process to the same high standard. Using specialised individuals, we believe, always lends itself to higher quality results.  

“Lick My Art” is also committed to promoting new and upcoming talent.  We believe strongly in the need to give chances and train young people, combining their fresh ideas with our technical knowledge. 


This is the way we see the future of film advancing - together we are stronger, more creative and can achieve excellence in our work.   

‘Lick My Art’ was founded in 2020 by Simone Hoffmann and Christa Behr.

Our latest production for NDR/ARTE: 

"Anna-Eva Bergman: Verwandlung des Lichts"  with the voice of Désirée Nosbusch 

"Anna-Eva Bergman: L'alchimie de la lumière" with the voice of Charlotte Rampling 

52' mins Documentation

a co-production by après Productions and Lick My Art

Produced by Gilles Coudert and Simone Hoffmann

Original score : Ayumi Paul

DOP: Daniele Vella

Editing: Jean-Louis Moine 

broadcast on May 7th 2023 on Arte 


We are very proud to present our first independent production:

"Roots - Chapter I: Mother" has won 4 awards so far in international

film festivals. 





3 Sat (Gemany/Switzerland/Austria)

Groupe ADP (France)

ARD (Germany)

Alphacontainer Produktion (Germany)

Alstom (France)

ARTE (France / Germany)

Bellanopolis (France)

Bouygues (France)

BP (France)

BMW (Germany)

Centre Georges Pompidou (France)

Chanel (France)

Comsquare (France)

Dior (France)

Disneyland Paris (France)

EDF (France)

Les Films du Bélier (France)

foodwatch (France/Germany)

France Ô (France)

France Télévisions (France)
Generali (France)

Konika-Minolta (France)

Lancôme (France)

LVMH (France)

MK2 Productions (France)

M6 ( France)

NDR (Germany)

L'Oréal (France)

Peugeot (France)

Phoenix (Germany)

Public Senat (France)

Radio France (France)

RATP (France)

Renault (France)

RTL (Germany)

RTS ( Switzerland)

Samsung (France)

Sat 1 (Germany)

SNECMA (France)

SRF (Switzerland)

SWR (Germany)

TF1 (France)

Thales (France)

Uber (France)
WDR (Germany)

Westend TV Produktions GmbH (Germany)

Workday (France)

Würth (Germany)

Vinci (France)

VOX (Germany)

Yves Saint Laurent (France)

ZDF (Germany)



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